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03. Business


We are an economic Club and, as for Geopolitics and Economics, we add elements of feasibility, credibility and concreteness to the cultural approach.

Business is creating value in all its forms, producing, selling, conceiving and developing. We help our members with training but above all, with the concreteness of services and information to create the business.


Tell us about your ideas, your products or your company, and we will evaluate what we can offer you.

We have dozens of international partners with hundreds of services that we monitor and monitor for our members.

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 95 Years of Accumulated Expertise

request the best membership​

Write using the format you find on our website by clicking "Contact Us" or send us an email asking us the questions you want and writing us in your language. We will reply as soon as possible. There are no wrong questions; there are only questions waiting for an answer.

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