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02. Economy


Everybody talks about economics. You can read many books, essays, blogs etc. We are an atypical Economic Club. Let's talk about economics. We move into the economy, and we are part of the economy. Does it seem too much? Just because you don't know us and don't attend our private meetings or lectures.


Do you want to know a different view of the economy? Would you like to take part in various meetings, to talk about the economy, learn about the economy and live it differently?
Are you interested in participating in privileged and VIP meetings in the economy, with whom the economy does it without appearing?

Become our member, and you will receive monthly offers to which you can participate. Write to us or send us your email, and we will keep you in our database.

meetings, events, meetings, lessons all about the economy

One Coin

 95 Years of Accumulated Expertise

request the best membership​

Write using the format you find on our website by clicking "Contact Us" or send us an email asking us the questions you want and writing us in your language. We will reply as soon as possible. There are no wrong questions; there are only questions waiting for an answer.

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