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01. Geopolitics


Geopolitics is the analysis of geographical influences on power relations in international relations.

Geopolitics has been widely used as a synonym for international politics. We do geopolitics, we are part of geopolitics, and we are not passive.

We are ahead of events, and we use geopolitics to understand where and how to develop new business systems that we create and study together with the think tanks of our partners or our client members.


Do you want to know the geopolitics of a country or region? 
Do you want to understand how geopolitics can be a valid help to develop new markets?
Do you want to receive a confidential note dedicated to the sector or country of your interest?
Would you like to participate in a different weekend of fun, dialogue, knowledge and geopolitics?

Write to us, and we make a proposal without any obligation. But, try something new evolve, learn and be more informed than others - you will be more successful.

 95 Years of Accumulated Expertise

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